Mercury Rx No BS Talk with Gabby Bernstein.

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A Mercury Message for Your Sign

Planets are teachers. I was talking with my friend Gabby last week about how such regular cosmic happenings like say, a retrograde have often turned into 'freak out and don't leave your home' kind of thing with so much media around it now. How did this happen?? Well, it's nothing new. The attitude of blaming planets has been going on since the beginning of time; it's one reason why astrology has always waxed and waned in popularity throughout history. Astrology is an invitation to work with the cosmic cycles and become one with them. In our speedy world, a Mercury Retrograde is a profound Message that we must slow the roll sometimes.. My girl Gabby shares my sentiment on this one:

Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times best-selling author of Miracles Now. We had a long talk about how your attitude of a planet can color your experience of the transit. It's key to not project fear and dread with a Retrograde, Pluto transit or whatever your going through...  Rather, invite it in. Attitude is everything. Get to know the transit, the 'guest planet' and make space for this new teacher in your life. The visitor will only be with you for a while and hopefully you will begin to like your new dancing partner and perhaps you'll learn a thing or two. It's all evolution.

Gabby: How can retrograde actually benefit us?

Rebecca: Mercury retrograde is a saving grace! Without it, we would never have the well-supported time to rest, reflect, to rethink our life direction, to re-imagine ourselves in the world. I love this precious time of year. Retrogrades help us to slow down. Problems only crop up when we have been pushing too hard, too fast in a retrograde and not allowing time. It’s a sacred time to mend relations, to catch up on old messages, to lighten the load and get rid of those clothes you have not worn in years, etc.

Mercury is the planet that presides over thought and communication. It takes a super slow U-turn in the sky. As above, so below: We should follow suit and do some reflection before charging ahead. There will be key messages, so listen to your inner guidance.

Gabby: I’ve done major launches and led my Spirit Junkie Masterclass training during Mercury retrograde, which all had NO issues whatsoever and turned out way better than I could have imagined. What are your thoughts on this?

Rebecca: So glad you said that. I as well have launched my Beginners Astrology Class many times during a retrograde and in fact am doing it again on October 4th. Agreed: No issues with this ever. There are a couple of reasons why. First of all, Mercury is not the only player up in our solar system and there are so many other influencers, like new moons, eclipses and great planetary aspects. Mercury is simply one part of the vast cosmic orchestra and there is no need to ‘stop everything’ and get all scared because it’s going retrograde. There is so much more going on up there. I think it’s kind of ridiculous to create all this fear around a planet, you know. It’s just a natural planetary cycle that happens three times a year, and it’s a really good thing. We just need to get on board with the natural cycles and life can be more graceful.

Gabby: What can we do to ride the retrograde wave in a super positive way?

Rebecca: Create breathing room between everything in your schedule. Within these space in your life, you will pick up on nuances or feelings of discomfort that may require you to make necessary changes. We become more perceptive and introspective. Allow for change.

Reconnect with old friends and mentors. Enjoy their company and have a great laugh or heal a relationship that needs it. It will be so much easier to make the time for this with all the planetary support. You may catch up through email, letters or in person. Any way you do it, this retrograde will support a good revisit to the past. 

Revisit an old project you had put on the shelf. It’s a great time to dust off that old business plan and re-imagine it, reinvent your product line, realign yourself with your true intention. Remember who you are.

Lighten the load. Go through your home and your closet and find things that are no longer of use to you. Let them go. Creating more space is truly magical as often it’s necessary for the new growth in your life to occur. Meditate. I find meditation can be so revealing during a retrograde, as often our subconscious has a few messages to deliver. Listen, observe and create the space to hear the retrograde messages.

Gabby: You have some amazing retrograde tips for each sign. It’s so cool that you’re sharing this!

Rebecca: Read the tips for your sun sign and your rising sign.



Taking stock of your relationship or the patterns that kept you away? Now that you may have some answers and clarity, it’s time to commit to your truth in love on the new moon of October 12th. This will be the start of a long-term commitment.


Over the next three weeks, little Mercury is asking you to clean up the routine. It’s been a busy summer and likely there has not been so much time to take care of yourself. This Mercury retrograde urges you cleanse, exercise, practice yoga, meditate and listen to your body.


Romance and love will sparkle for you, though it could show up in the return of someone from your past. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to clear the air before moving ahead.


You may particularly enjoy this retrograde, as there’s stellar cosmic support to reconnect with family and even do a bit of genealogy work. Likely you’ll find a special story or two. Clearing the past will open up new roads for your future.


You have been so expansive this year with Jupiter in Leo, though this retrograde is asking you to reconnect with siblings, neighbors and old contacts in your phone. Carve out the time to be present in your immediate environment, as this is where your support will be.


It’s time to re-strategize when it comes to your money, since Mercury is going over your spending patterns of the past. You’re likely to find new solutions to long-standing challenges. Research time will be well spent.


When Mercury goes retro in your own sign you have a free pass to sleep a lot more, take long baths, practice longer meditations, and truly give yourself the time to reflect on your future self, which is now in gestation.


The cosmos call for a re-connection to your spiritual practice. As Mercury reverses it, you may even discover brand-new practices that will be a complete game changer for you. Explore.


A dear friend or two from your past is missing that high-vibe connection you have. Take time this month to laugh and enjoy fabulous company.


You have had a strong couple of years in career, though now Mercury retrograde is asking you to reflect on your life path. Is this really the direction your soul craves? It’s not too late to flip the script.


Mercury retro is asking you to be a student again, to open up to a sense of wonder. You may sharpen your skill set, take an online class, or enter a whole new field of learning. Get inspired this retrograde.


This is a private time to contemplate your story about money. Why was that once your story, and are you ready to throw it in the flames? Explore new earning opportunities.

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